Washington Post Quotes FPI's Chris Griffin and Evan Moore on President Obama's ISIS Strategy

In "No Time for a Half-Hearted War," Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin writes:

The dig against moderate Republicans used to be that they are for whatever Democrats are but want to spend a little less. Now Democrats on foreign policy seem to have a similar problem: Is their foreign policy to mimic conservative hawks but do it more indecisively?...

The conservative Foreign Policy Initiative’s executive director Christopher J. Griffin and senior policy analyst Evan Moore observe, “A significant number of U.S. forces and intelligence personnel will be required to roll back ISIS [the Islamic State] in Iraq alone.  These troops would be used to improve America’s situational awareness on the ground; help target U.S. airstrikes against ISIS positions; conduct independent counterterrorism operations; and train, advise, and assist the Iraqi Security Forces, Kurdish Peshmerga militia, and Sunni tribes.  Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institution estimates that 10,000 U.S. troops will be required to conduct these critical missions, while Max Boot of the Council on Foreign Relations believes that as many as 15,000 will be needed.” But Obama, leaks suggest, will be asking only for a small force with a training mission.

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