Washington Post Quotes FPI Board Member Eric Edelman on Airstrikes in Libya

In "U.S. Allies Abandon Hope of Obama Leadership," Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin writes:

The biggest news of the day from the Middle East may not be the announcement of another truce in the Gaza war. We’ve seen that before, and then seen Hamas violate the truce immediately. (In case this one holds, it is worth noting that it is identical to the prior truce proposal from Israel, which Hamas rejected, namely an unconditional halt to the fighting and an agreement to discuss other matters later.) No, the most significant news of the day is a dramatic signal of our allies’ total lack of faith and even respect for the Obama administration.

Former ambassador and [Under Secretary of Defense for Policy] Eric Edelman observes that “it is a stunning vote of no-confidence in the administration and the fact that they apparently launched additional strikes today (after unnamed administration sources said it was ‘unhelpful’) serves to underline the point.”

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