The Unfinished February 14 Uprising: What Next for Bahrain?




The Unfinished February 14 Uprising: 
What Next for Bahrain?

Thursday, February 9th

                                      Moderator:                   Stephen McInerney
                                      Moderator:                   Project on Middle East Democracy

                                       Speakers:                   Senator Ron Wyden
                                       Speakers:                   (D-OR)

                                       Speakers:                   Elliott Abrams
                                       Speakers:                   Council on Foreign Relations
                                       Speakers:                   Joost Hiltermann
                                       Speakers:                   International Crisis Group

                                       Speakers:                   Colin Kahl
                                       Speakers:                   Center for a New American Security

As the February 14th anniversary of the start of mass protests in Bahrain approaches, now is a critical time to analyze events over the past few months and discuss expectations for the coming weeks. With the release of the BICI report in late November, which detailed systematic human rights abuses and a government crackdown against peaceful protesters, the Government of Bahrain was tasked with a long list of reforms and recommendations.  At this juncture, nearly two months after the release of the report, it is essential for the United States to debate the Kingdom's reforms and how to move Bahrain forward on a path of democratic progress. Human rights groups continue to raise significant human rights concerns with respect to the situation on the ground. What are some of these concerns? What are the current realities on the ground in Bahrain? What are the strategies of the country's political opposition parties and revolutionary youth movement, and how is the monarchy reacting? What are some expectations and challenges regarding the palace-led reform process? And, importantly, what constructive roles can the U.S. play in encouraging meaningful reform at this time?

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