The Tower Cites FPI Policy Director Robert Zarate's Research on Iran's Noncompliance with Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

In "Kerry to Brief Senators Wednesday Amid Growing Criticism of Iran Negotiations Strategy,"'s staff report:

Secretary of State John Kerry will brief Senators tomorrow on the administration’s efforts to secure an interim agreement with Iran regarding Tehran’s nuclear program, which this weekend floundered after Iran reportedly refused to yield on demands that global powers recognize its “right” to enrich uranium. Senators have indicated that they will wait for the briefing before advancing on new sanctions legislation.

Analysts, U.S. lawmakers, and journalists have consistently rejected Iran’s claim that it has such a right under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). A 2006 paper [PDF] presented to the French foreign ministry by Robert Zarate, now policy director at the Foreign Policy Initiative, went further, outlining how such a reading of the NPT generates inconsistencies and risks making the treaty unsustainable.

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