Salon Quotes FPI's Tzvi Kahn on the Iran Nuclear Deal

In "Congress was right: The Iran deal is a travesty — and Obama is to blame," Salon's Carrie Sheffield writes:

Tzvi Kahn, senior policy analyst at the Foreign Policy Initiative, also pointed out that what happens in Tehran doesn’t stay in Tehran. The ransom not only incentivizes Iran to take more Americans hostage, but it also effectively declared open season on Americans for every rogue regime and terrorist group around the world.
“The $400 million payment, which Tehran has transferred to its military, directly subsidizes Iran’s hegemonic ambitions,” Kahn told Salon. “It has led the regime to capture more hostages. And it demonstrates that the nuclear deal, far from moderating Iran, has merely emboldened it to further provoke America, secure in the knowledge that the White House will do almost anything to protect its signature foreign policy achievement.”Kahn further said Khamenei’s threat to walk away from the deal is a patent effort to extract further economic concessions from the United States.
“Iran, after all, has only itself to blame for its continued economic travails,” he said. “Why would companies want to invest in a country that continues to sponsor terrorism across the globe, test ballistic missiles, repress its own people, and capture Western hostages? Washington should ignore the supreme leader’s blackmail and instead make clear that Iran will receive no additional economic benefits until it halts its aggression.”

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