From the Front Lines to Capitol Hill: Perspectives from Emerging National Security Leaders

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Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) - Member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce

Congressman-Elect Tom Cotton (R-AR) - Former U.S. Army

Moderated by Dan Senor -  Co-author of "Start-up Nation" & Foreign Policy Initiative

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  • On the Iranian Nuclear Threat:  “We can’t allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon.  We must be more intense and put a red line in the sand....  I think it is time confront Iran and say you are a good actor in the region, you are not going to get nuclear weapons, or you are going to face the consequences.”  —Congressman Adam Kinzinger
  • On the Iranian Nuclear Threat:  “Iran is an existential threat to Israel most immediately, and also to the U.S. as well.” —Congressman Tom Cotton
  • On U.S. Policy in Afghanistan:  “The Taliban has a saying, America has the watches but we have the time....  We will never be defeated on the battlefield, but to have our will defeated, that sends a shockwave to our enemies and allies.” —Congressman Adam Kinzinger
  • On U.S. Policy in Afghanistan:  “I would urge now to stick to the original timetable, which is to maintain the current level of fighting forces until 2014, and then there can be some discussion about what happens after that.” —Congressman Tom Cotton
  • On the Need for Foreign Aid - “Foreign aid saves us money and lives, as far as I am concerned” – Congressman Adam Kinzinger
  • On Iran’s Presence in the Middle East:  “The reality is in Iraq, I think I have heard one-third of American casualties were a result of Iran.  They were significantly involved in the future of Iraq, even though we refused to admit it....  Everything that happens in the region, whatever skirmish, whatever war, whatever rockets, it’s really a proxy war against Iran.  The bad player in every one of these examples is Iran” —Congressman Adam Kinzinger



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