FPI Resources on the Growing Crisis between Ukraine and Russia

April 25, 2014

By FPI Policy Director Robert Zarate and Senior Policy Analyst Evan Moore

Tensions between Kyiv and Moscow are escalating as Ukraine prepares to hold a critical nationwide election on May 25th to replace its post-Yanukovych interim government.  After the slaying of a pro-Kyiv politician in the country’s eastern provinces, Ukrainian security forces advanced against checkpoints set up by pro-Russian militants near the town of Slovyansk, killing as many as 7 insurgents, but then halted operations amid the alarming movement of Russian troops along Ukraine’s border.  Indeed, Ukrainian defense minister Mykhailo Koval told reporters that a column of Russian troops came within one kilometer of the border, but added:  “Ukraine’s armed forces are ready to repel any aggression.” 

Washington’s debate on U.S. policy towards Ukraine will heat up next week, especially with General Philip Breedlove (USAF), the head of U.S. military’s European Command, set to testify before the Senate on Thursday.  While the United States has pledged so far $11.4 million to support the integrity of Ukraine’s May 25th election as part of a larger $50 million aid package, expect U.S. lawmakers and security experts to deliberate on the proper size and scope of assistance to Kyiv.  Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, today urged for the United States to provide body armor, fuel and other non-lethal military aid to Ukraine.  And General Wesley Clark (USA, ret.), who headed U.S. European Command in the 1990s, and former defense official Phillip A. Karber co-authored an April 8th report that not only calls for more non-lethal military assistance, but also stresses that “Ukraine will need to acquire additional off-the-shelf aircraft, air defenses and anti-armor systems” to shore up their defenses.

The Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) suggests the following resources as policymakers, lawmakers, journalists, and the general public think through America’s next steps in response to the growing crisis between Ukraine and Russia.

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