Haaretz Quotes FPI Fellow James Kirchick on LGBT Supporters of the BDS Movement

In "LGBTs talk BDS in TLV," Haaretz reporter Danna Harman writes:

He was speaking on Thursday at a panel on the intersection of Israeli and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues. The discussion was part of 40 Years of Pride, a global leadership conference that is itself part of Pride Week Tel Aviv 2015. The three-day conference was organized by the San Francisco based pro-Israel LGBTQ group A Wider Bridge and the Aguda, the Israeli national LGBT task force....

Visiting LGBT activist Jamie Kirchick, a fellow at the Foreign Policy Initiative in Washington, D.C. and a columnist for The Daily Beast (one of the two relative right-wingers in the panel; the other was Amir Ohana, who narrowly missed being voted into the Knesset in March, representing Likud), argued that the BDS movement within the LGBT community was small, if vocal. It was led, he said, by a minority that is “obsessed,” with Israel, and that is, in many cases, anti-Semitic.

“I just don’t understand how a gay activist, faced with all the horrible mistreatment of LGBT people around the world, would choose boycotting Israel as an action priority. I have got to question their motives,” Kirchick said.

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