FPI Executive Director Jamie Fly signs letter urging speedy confirmation of Norm Eisen to be US Amb. to the Czech Republic

December 7, 2011

Chairman John Kerry and Ranking Member Richard Lugar
U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
446 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-6225

Dear Chairman Kerry and Ranking Member Lugar:

We write to you to support the nomination of Norm Eisen to be ambassador to the Czech Republic and urge that the Senate confirm him as soon as possible.  Ambassador Eisen has ably represented the United States in Prague over the last year and is uniquely suited to continue to do so given his personal history and the passion he has shown for U.S.-Czech relations.

As you know, the U.S.-Czech relationship is one of the most important bilateral relationships the United States has in Europe.  The Czechs have shown themselves to be one of America’s closest allies.  On issues ranging from missile defense to cooperation in the war on terror and the promotion of democracy and human rights, they have consistently stood by America, often at great sacrifice.

Ambassador Eisen’s appointment was already delayed after his initial nomination in 2010, leaving us without an ambassador in Prague at a key moment in U.S.-Czech relations.  The absence of an ambassador in 2012 would again send the wrong message to our Czech allies.  While we support the prerogative of senators to raise concerns about presidential nominees, we believe that in this case, the importance of having an ambassador in Prague as well as Ambassador Eisen’s record over the last year should ensure his speedy confirmation.


Jamie M. Fly
Rick Graber
Bruce Jackson
Stuart Levey
Michael Makovsky
Cliff May
John O’Sullivan
Randy Scheunemann
Gary Schmitt
Kurt Volker
Ken Weinstein

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