FPI Board Member Eric Edelman Cited in National Defense Magazine

National Defense Magazine's Sandra Erwin reports:

Eric Edelman, FPI director and former U.S. undersecretary of defense for policy, said the current situation should serve as a wakeup call. "Internationalists have gotten intellectually lazy in making the case for [the role of the United States] in providing global security," he said. "We need a national debate about U.S. leadership."

The traditional pro-defense coalition that existed on Capitol Hill —internationalist Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats — doesn't exist any more, Edelman said. "Most Blue Dogs have been defeated. And Republicans are deeply divided," he added. "One faction believes defense spending is just like any other category of government spending and is perfectly useful as trade bait in budget negotiations."

Although they stand for a strong military, Zakheim and Edelman would like to see the Defense Department better manage its still very large budget.


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