Fox News Quotes FPI Executive Director Christopher J. Griffin on Iran

In "Does Iran Have the Upper Hand on Reducing Its Sanctions?"'s Christopher Snyder writes:

Iranian lawmakers Friday threatened retribution if the U.S. imposes a new round of sanctions on Tehran aimed at curbing the country’s nuclear program. 

The White House has maintained the U.S. will not to do so, regardless of pressure from Congress.

“The deal that is on the table right now … so far the Iranians haven’t even agreed to begin the six month timeline,  let alone what the deal means,” said Chris Griffin, executive director at the Foreign Policy Initiative.


In an interview with Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland, Griffin and Schanzer pointed to major players in the Middle East, who are closely watching the events in Iran.

“The others countries in the region have not accepted Iran’s assertion of priorities,” said Griffin. “The idea that the United States can sit and watch the situation simmer indefinitely is not a reasonable one.”


Griffin argues allowing Iran to keep a partial enrichment program sends the wrong message to U.S. allies, calling it, “a very dangerous model that could be emulated broadly.”

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