The Daily Signal Quotes FPI Policy Director Robert Zarate on Debate over U.S. National Security’s Future

In "This Congressman Says America Must Lead With ‘Capability’ and ‘Will,’" Daily Signal reporter Josh Siegel writes:

As President Barack Obama issued a broad defense of his foreign policy, arguing for restraint and coalition-building, Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, speaking at The Heritage Foundation, warned of the consequences of walking away from war....

Thornberry spoke about lessons learned from that conflict, as did a panel featuring Robert Zarate, policy director of the Foreign Policy Initiative, and Kim R. Holmes, a distinguished fellow at Heritage who is a former assistant secretary of state....

Similarly, Zarate described World War I as a prelude to a larger continental struggle in Europe, where future conflicts — World War II and the Cold War – followed the original.

Zarate said Obama should recognize the broader implications of leaving Afghanistan.

“The major lesson [from World War I] is that the U.S. needs to see the world as it is, not as we want it to be,” Zarate said. “Russia and China are both returning powers. Al-Qaida is not on the ropes. It is active in the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, and Syria. The extremists are getting battle hardened and setting their sights on the U.S.”

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