The Daily Beast Quotes FPI's Chris Griffin on Syria

In "Why Rand Paul Suddenly Wants To Bomb Syria" Olivia Nuzzi writes:

This does not take into account the fact that the Assad regime has often worked in concert with ISIS, not against the group; that moderate Syrian rebels have said that they received an insignificant amount of weapons from the U.S.; that Assad has contributed to the slaughter of an estimated 190,000 of his own people; or that many have alleged what really allowed for the rise of ISIS was America doing too little—not too much. 

“No matter how Senator Paul describes his approach, it is inconsistent. He has repeated Syrian propaganda by once defending the regime against attack, and now he’s supporting Syria's preferred approach by supporting strikes on ISIS while leaving the Assad regime alone,” Chris Griffin, executive director of the hawkish Foreign Policy Initiative, told The Daily Beast. “The most important point—and the specifics that he’s advocating—is that he still opposes support for the moderate opposition inside of Syria… The Obama administration’s following of that type of approach has left the moderates alone for so long. That allowed [ISIS] to gain a foothold.”

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