Quotes FPI Senior Policy Analyst Tzvi Kahn on U.S. Cash Payment of $1.7 Billion to Iran

In "Congress Demands Answers Regarding Obama’s $1.7B Cash Payment to Iran,"'s Patrick Goodenough writes:

Experts have pointed out that despite the sanctions, U.S. law does allow exceptions when it comes to the settling of legal disputes between the U.S. and Iran. Some believe the Iranians may themselves have insisted the money be provided in the form of cash.

Tzvi Kahn, a senior policy analyst at the non-profit Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI) in Washington, wrote Tuesday that “the circumstances surrounding the payment suggest that the Iranian regime likely demanded a cash payment – and that the administration, eager to secure the release of hostages in time for the nuclear deal’s Implementation Day, hurriedly consented to its demands.”

Last week the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a bill, introduced by Chairman Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), declaring it to be U.S. government policy “not to pay ransom or release prisoners for the purpose of securing the release of U.S. citizens taken hostage abroad.”

The bill would also prohibit the government from “providing promissory notes (including currency) issued by the U.S. government or by a foreign government to the government of Iran.”

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