ABC News Quotes FPI Policy Director Robert Zarate on Syria's Chemical Weapons Stockpile

In "Syria Missed Another Chemical Weapons Deadline. Now What?," reporter Ali Weinberg of ABC News writes:

The Syrian government officially broke its pledge to get rid of its entire stash of chemical weapons by Sunday – a move that surprised few American officials but raised questions about how the international community can hold Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accountable for violating the United Nations resolution to which he agreed....

But there is past precedent for regimes getting away with concealing chemical weapons for years, such as the case with Libya, where the OPCW found in 2012 that the Gaddafi regime had been hiding mustard gas, violating a 2004 commitment to surrender any such weapons, noted Robert Zarate, policy director at the Foreign Policy Initiative.

“We shouldn’t declare victory yet just because Assad [says that he] has declared all of his chemical weapons,” Zarate said.

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