On July 17, BPC, FDD, and FPI will host a public forum on what standards the U.S. should seek in a final nuclear deal with Iran

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July 16 event: "Geopolitical Flashpoints in Oil Producing Countries: Implications for US National and Energy Security"

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FPI is now accepting applications for our 2014-2015 Future Leaders Program class.  Apply by Friday, July 18.

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Institute for the Study of War's Daily Situation Reports on the Crisis in Iraq

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Overnight Brief

July 11, 2014

Former VP Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney: The truth about Iraq

Kurdish government calls on Maliki to quit as Iraqi PM

Today’s ISW Iraq Situation Report

House majority demands Obama consult Congress on Iran deal

Kerry pushes for solution to Afghan vote dispute

Fred Kagan: How to avert Afghanistan’s implosion

FPI’s Ellen Bork: Free elections for Hong Kong

Ukraine repels militant attack on Donetsk airport

WaPo editorial: US should act unilaterally on Russia sanctions

Amnesty: Abductions, torture rising in east Ukraine

Michael Doran: Obama and the Syria two-step

Palestinian death toll nears 100, Hamas vows more attacks on Israel

Lee Smith and Seth Cropsey on the Israel-Hamas conflict

Michael Auslin: China plays the South Korea card (WSJ sub)


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Ellen Bork | July 11, 2014

Over half a million people filled the streets of Hong Kong on July 1, marching for democracy on the anniversary of the British colony’s handover to Chinese Communist rule in 1997. On June 29, an unofficial referendum organized by democracy activists concluded with 800,000 votes cast—more than one-tenth of Hong Kong’s population. The overwhelming majority supported a democratic election for Hong Kong’s next chief executive. 

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James Kirchick | July 9, 2014

I’ve lived and loved in Germany, count Berlin as one of my favorite cities, and—pending reactions to this article—may even move back there someday. But given its intense business and political ties to Russia and Iran, and Moscow’s decades-long cultivation of intelligence assets and collaborators from the first Cold War up through the current one, American intelligence agencies would be crazy not to conduct intensive espionage operations in Germany.

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William Kristol | July 4, 2014

After U.S. goalie Tim Howard had a record-setting 16 saves in the American team’s 2-1 World Cup knockout loss to Belgium, a wag edited Chuck Hagel’s Wikipedia entry to show Tim Howard as the true U.S. secretary of defense. The meme took off on the Internet, and by Wednesday afternoon Hagel was placing a phone call to Howard to get in on the joke. Hagel, as the Pentagon explained in a statement, called “to thank him for defending the United States of America at the World Cup.”


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