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FPI held a conference call on August 15 to discuss the crisis in Iraq. Listen to the recording now.

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August 21, 2014

Iraq open to letting US warplanes fly from bases

FPI’s Kristol, WSJ (sub), WaPo, and Boot on Obama’s Iraq statement

Today’s ISW Iraq Situation Report

In raid to save Foley and other hostages, US found none

ISIS demanded ransom from US before killing Foley

Foley abduction linked to British jihadi kidnapping ring

Gen. Allen: Destroy the Islamic State now

Dov Zakheim on the NDP and national security

Strzemp: Venezuela’s unchecked repression ensures more unrest

Berger, Hadley: Permanent cease-fire may require PA's return to Gaza


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William Kristol | August 20, 2014

The president is appalled. Indeed he said this afternoon that "the entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of Jim Foley by the terrorist group, ISIL." The act of violence that killed Jim Foley, the president continued, "shocks the conscience of the entire world."

What happens in the age of Obama to a group that does something that appalls and shocks the conscience of the entire world?


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Caitlin Poling | August 15, 2014

President Barack Obama deserves praise for hosting the first ever U.S.-Africa Summit last week. Yet if this summit’s flurry of activities — which brought some 50 African leaders to Washington, D.C. — are to amount to genuine achievement, the United States will need to match words with deeds. Renewed American efforts to promote trade and develop infrastructure in Africa would be a good place to start.

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Evan Moore | August 14, 2014

Grave consequences have followed President Barack Obama’s refusal to empower Syria’s moderate rebels. Islamist extremists, especially foreign fighters, now control large amounts of territory in Syria and Iraq and pose long-term threats to America and our partners in the Middle East and Europe. But while the president has been criticized for his decision, it’s remarkable how so much criticism is now coming from his own former senior advisers.


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