FPI Board Member Eric Edelman and Robert Joseph examine the facts behind Trump's tweets on nuclear weapons

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FPI Fellow James Kirchick examines the loss of American international credibility under the Obama administration.

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Audio and key quotations from our conference call on the future of Syria after the fall of Aleppo

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FPI's Tzvi Kahn examines the significance of the Iran Sanctions Act.

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Overnight Brief

January 17, 2017

Trump open to shift on Russia sanctions, One-China policy

Trump slams NATO, floats Russia nuke deal in interview

Trump’s trade picks point to confrontation, see WSJ editorial

Trump looking to appoint investment executive to Navy Secretary

McCain releases military build-up white paper

Hiatt: How Trump could transform America’s relations w/China

John Bolton: Revisit the One China Policy

Rice favors “mean but lean” National Security Council

Theresa May outlines a clean break plan for Brexit


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James Kirchick | January 6, 2017

For decades, anti-communism united conservatives behind the Republican Party. An otherwise disparate collection of national security hawks, free-market enthusiasts and social traditionalists rallied to the GOP, resolutely committed to checking Soviet influence around the world.

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James Kirchick | December 29, 2016

U.S. contribution to NATO common funded budget: $685 million.

Cost of U.S. Nimitz Class aircraft carrier: $8.5 billion.

Unprecedented peace and prosperity in Europe and Asia: Priceless.

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James Kirchick | December 22, 2016

Monday's devastating terrorist attack at a Berlin Christmas Market was bleakly inevitable.

With their wooden stalls, sickly sweet Glühwein, and fairground spirit, Christmas markets are a beloved German tradition. Every town has at least one (Berlin hosts about 60) and Germans of all ages annually flock to these crowded, festive gatherings despite the bitter cold.


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