Important information and facts for the presidential debate regading America's national security.

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Audio and key quotes from FPI's call on the recent terror attacks and the expansion of homegrown terrorism

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Key quotations from a Senate hearing examining the Obama administration's $1.7 billion payment to Iran.

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Overnight Brief

September 26, 2016

US accuses Russia of “barbarism,” war crimes in Syria

Syria, Russia seem ready to further scorch the earth

Calls to expand US sanctions on Syria grow louder

WSJ editorial and Fred Hiatt on the administration’s Syria policy

Levitt, Bauer: Iran’s “resistance economy” and stalled reform

Congress faces government shutdown deadline

Big spending on warplanes spurs aerial arms race

RAND: Trump’s wrong about the cost of US troops overseas

Lilia Shevtsova: Vladimir Putin, master of suspense


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Ellen Bork | September 25, 2016

Donald Trump likes dictators and likes to be liked by them. After meeting Egypt's president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi last week, Trump called Sisi "a fantastic guy," gushing, "he took control of Egypt. And he really took control of it."

Tzvi Kahn | September 20, 2016

In recent weeks, the Obama administration has repeatedly argued that legal and pragmatic concerns accounted for its decision to use cash for a $1.7 billion payment to Iran. This claim lacks credibility

Tzvi Kahn | September 14, 2016

For the third time since the Iran nuclear agreement’s implementation, the International Atomic Energy Agency has released a report omitting key information that would enable independent verification of Iranian compliance.


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