2015 FPI Forum: Challenges to U.S. National Security

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"Challenges to U.S. National Security"
Governor Lincoln Chafee
Moderator: Dr. David Adesnik

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Key Quotations

“I am running and saying I'm not running to cut the military budget.  It should come after we achieve peace in some areas.  The peace dividend should come after if we're successful at it, and so no, I would keep a strong military budget.” – Gov. Lincoln Chafeee (D-RI)

“As a Republican and as a liberal Republican, I did vote for CAFTA…And so I wanted to be consistent as I looked at TTP and I thought the President was right.  Trade is going to occur.  We want to have labor laws and environmental laws and intellectual property laws and negotiate them.  Currency manipulation, all these things, it's going to occur anyway, and it will occur without these agreements on labor and environment and other aspects.  So let's do that.  It's -- what happens in China we're seeing with our economy now affects ours.  So I think the President's right and I support TTP and the Fast Track.” – Gov. Chafee

“As far as Syria, my gosh, doesn't it boggle the mind that Bulgaria is refusing airspace transport, but Iraq isn't, and Iraq and Iran and Russia are joining into an alliance seemingly without our American involvement and how to deal with Syria?  So that's just happening in these hours and days as we sit here, and something happened at the UN, obviously, with the -- President and -- Russia Federation and President Obama that didn't work.  So we just have to keep the efforts up.” – Gov. Chafee

“I would say go to the root cause [in Syria] as difficult as it may be now with what Russia's doing and -- because this is so potentially destabilizing for Europe and my fear has always been the rise of right-wing reactionary -- political parties as a result of this flow of refugees.  We see some of that occurring now in Europe.” – Gov. Chafee

“We're so strong militarily that let's use the olive branch more often and not threaten war at every step.  I said I'm committed to a strong military budget.  I will do that as president, but let's start talking a different kind of language.  We're a strong country.  We can take that risk.” – Gov. Chafee

Mission Statement

The Foreign Policy Initiative seeks to promote an active U.S. foreign policy committed to robust support for democratic allies, human rights, a strong American military equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century, and strengthening America’s global economic competitiveness.
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