Nov. 18, FPI hosts "US Forces and Asia: The 2014 National Defense Panel." Rep. Randy Forbes will deliver remarks.

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Suggested Questions for Hill Hearings on ISIS Threat

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FPI Fellow James Kirchirck says NATO should establish a Monroe Doctrine to aid non-member European nations

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FPI Board Member William Kristol says that "Obama’s whimper will not be America’s last word."

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Overnight Brief

September 17, 2014

Gen Dempsey open to ground forces in fight against ISIS in Iraq

Lake, Rogin: Can Obama keep his generals in check?

Congressional leaders back plan to train Syrian rebels (WSJ sub)

ICYMI: FPI Fact Sheet on Syria’s moderate opposition

WSJ (sub) + WaPo editorials on the situation in Syria

Iraqi parliament rejects nominees for 2 top cabinet posts

Ukraine leader to seek US aid during visit

Afghan official says gov’t has nearly run out of money

Lawmakers eyeing lame-duck vote on defense bill

Calingaert: Why democracy support matters


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Caitlin Poling | September 12, 2014

While the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or ISIL) has proclaimed its “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria, the world is paying too little attention to Boko Haram, its deadly imitator in northeast Nigeria. Late in August, the terrorist group’s leader declared the establishment of his own Islamic caliphate in Africa, and in past weeks, he has seized a significant amount of territory there.

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James Kirchick | September 10, 2014

The world, it seems, has gotten in the way of Senator Rand Paul’s worldview.

Paul is slated to deliver a “big speech” on foreign policy in mid-October at the National Defense University. Unusually for the media-hungry Kentucky Republican, however, the address will be off-the-record and closed to the public, according to Defense News. But that won’t lessen the press corps’ interest in what he has to say.

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Ellen Bork | September 5, 2014

Beijing has dealt another setback to democracy in Hong Kong. On Sunday, August 31, China’s central government dashed hopes that the chief executive, the top official responsible for the city of 7.2 million people, would be democratically elected in 2017.


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