FPI Policy Fellow Evan Moore on reports that Trump omitted endorsing Article V at the NATO summit

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Thomas Karako of CSIS examines the next steps for America's missile defense architecture in the Asia-Pacific

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FPI has released Foreign Policy 2017, the new edition of our foreign policy briefing book.

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FPI's Evan Moore examines how Trump should respond to North Korea's latest missile launch

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Overnight Brief

June 22, 2017

FPI’s Edelman, Brands: America and the geopolitics of upheaval

US pressed to pursue deal to freeze N. Korean missile tests

WSJ editorial on next steps on North Korea

US on collision course with Syria and Iran after Raqqa’s fall

White House tries to get GOP to water down Russia sanctions

WSJ editorial, House, Abrams + Pletka on Saudi royal succession

Cuts caused “critical shortfalls” for US troops in Afghanistan

Lake: How Trump’s Afghan policy differs from Obama’s

Experts urge Congress and Trump to arm Ukraine

Obama admin knew of Russian election hacking, delayed telling


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Eric Edelman | June 21, 2017

By FPI Board Member Eric Edelman and Hal Brands

"The essence of a revolution is that it appears to contemporaries as a series of more or less unrelated upheavals,” Henry Kissinger wrote in 1969. “But the crises which form the headlines of the day are symptoms of deep-seated structural problems.”

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James Kirchick | June 18, 2017

Here is one scenario that explains Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia.

When the Manhattan businessman announced his presidential bid in the summer of 2015, Moscow perked up its ears.

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James Kirchick | June 4, 2017

Invited to deliver a lecture last month at Chicago’s DePaul University on the rather straightforward topic “Dictatorships and Radical Islam: Enemies of LGBT Rights,” I was met with protest by a left-wing student group denouncing me as a “White, Zionist, neoliberal.” Guilty as charged.


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