FPI's Evan Moore outlines the foreign policy issues that should be examined at the final presidential debate

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FPI Senior Policy Analyst Tzvi Kahn examines the latest round of U.S. concessions and Iranian aggression.

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FPI Senior Policy Analyst Evan Moore examines if the administration will take action to defend Aleppo.

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Overnight Brief

October 21, 2016

ISIS fighters attack Kirkuk, diverting attention from Mosul

Jeffrey: America must prevent Iraq from falling apart again

DC foreign policy elite breaks with Obama over Syrian bloodshed

Rogin: Trump and Obama agree on one thing: Aleppo is a lost cause

Omair Shaaban: Here’s how we survive in Aleppo

Abe Greenwald: Cleaning up Obama’s foreign policy mess

Boot: Duterte’s flip-flop with China is a disaster for the US

US targets would-be terrorists overseas with new ad campaign

Intel officials reiterate Russian responsibility for recent hacks


Tzvi Kahn | October 11, 2016

“An unprecedented inspections regime.” “The most comprehensive and intrusive inspection and verification regime ever negotiated.” “The most vigorous inspection and verification regime by far that has ever been negotiated.”

Christopher J. Griffin | Evan Moore | October 5, 2016

The White House will reportedly hold a cabinet-level meeting today to discuss U.S. military options for the Syrian conflict. The meeting comes two days after the administration suspended bilateral negotiations with Moscow on Syria, and while the forces of Bashar al-Aassad—backed by his Russian, Iranian, and Hezbollah allies—escalate their brutal siege of the city of Aleppo.

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Dan Senor | September 30, 2016

By FPI Board Member Dan Senor and Saul Singer

Shimon Peres never spent a day in business, yet he was one of Israel’s greatest entrepreneurs.

His “start-up” was Israel itself; he paved the way toward Israel’s transformation from a besieged, socialist backwater into a Start-Up Nation.


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