FPI's Evan Beese examines how the United States can counter North Korea's growing ballistic missile threat.

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FPI Board Member Robert Kagan and Ivo Daalder discuss the importance of maintaining America's global leadership

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FPI Policy Director David Adesnik details Mackenzie Eaglen's proposal for reforming the Pentagon.

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FPI's Tzvi Kahn analyzes Iran's latest threat to withdraw from the nuclear agreement.

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Overnight Brief

April 29, 2016

General Dunford outlines needs for fighting ISIS in Syria

Heinonen: Iran takes a light touch on Iran’s heavy water

Obama, Netanyahu rift impedes record US aid deal for Israel

Rep. Forbes, Wynne: US airpower needs an F-22 upgrade

David Kramer and Daniel Calingaert on next steps in Ukraine

Pentagon warns of conflict over Chinese buildup on disputed island

8 former SecDefs urge Congress to pass TPP

Belgium knew since 2014 attackers planned “irreversible act”

Krauthammer, D. Zakheim, and Feaver on Trump’s speech


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Ellen Bork | April 25, 2016

Veterans of the 2014 Umbrella movement in Hong Kong are turning to formal politics. The young leaders of the street demonstrations that brought the central business district to a standstill in an effort to gain democratic elections have founded new political parties.

Mark Moyar | April 19, 2016

In March 2009, President Obama warned that the region of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan was “the most dangerous place in the world.”

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James Kirchick | April 17, 2016

As if to confirm the stereotype that Germans lack a sense of humor, Chancellor Angela Merkel last week allowed a legal case to proceed against a comedian accused of “insulting” the president of Turkey.


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