FPI Resources on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17's Downing in Ukraine

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Highlights from recent BPC, FDD, and FPI public forum on what standards the U.S. should seek in a final Iran nuclear deal.

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FPI's Robert Kagan writes in the Washington Post that the U.S. needs to discuss when to use force, not whether to use force

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Institute for the Study of War's Daily Situation Reports on the Crisis in Iraq

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Overnight Brief

July 22, 2014

Experts: Khamenei not bending on key nuclear issues

US to give Iran another $2.8 billion, concedes enrichment

Singh, Zarif, and FPI’s Moore on Iran’s nuclear program

Analysis: Ukraine jet wreckage bears signs of impact by missile

Dobriansky, et al. (WSJ sub), WaPo + WSJ (sub) on responding to Russia

UK announces inquiry into killing of Litvinenko

Today’s ISW Iraq situation report

US mentors prepare to let Afghan forces go it alone

China pushes limits to closer ties w/US military (WSJ sub)

Birnbaum, Tibon: How the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan died


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James Kirchick | July 22, 2014

Last Friday, Sara Firth announced via Twitter that she had resigned as a correspondent for RT, an international, multilingual news network entirely funded by the Russian government. “I couldn’t do it any more,” the London-based reporter told Buzzfeed. “Every single day we’re lying and finding sexier ways to do it.”

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Evan Moore | July 21, 2014

The United States and other world powers extended the deadline to reach a comprehensive final agreement with Iran over its controversial nuclear program to November 24, 2014. The Obama administration not only gave Iran significant sanctions relief under the initial six-month interim deal, but also is offering comprehensive sanctions relief for a final diplomatic breakthrough.

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Robert Zarate | July 20, 2014

As the July 20 deadline for a nuclear deal with Iran is delayed four months, the United States should expand non-military pressure on Iran to boost the chances of a breakthrough. Iran should face a clear choice — make significant concessions before the new Nov. 24 deadline or suffer crippling economic sanctions.


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