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FPI's Lauren McNally and David Adesnik say it's time to rethink our policy on child sex abuse in Afghanistan

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FPI Visiting Scholar Mark Moyar asseses the significance and consequences of Russia's military intervention in Syria

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An introduction to the issues facing the U.S. military and defense budget, published by AEI and FPI

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Overnight Brief

October 12, 2015

US caught flat-footed by Russia in Syria, DC wars over intel

FPI’s Kirchick, WaPo, Diehl + Ross on how to respond to Russia

Obama’s options in Syria narrow, Rebels under Russian blitz

American anti-tank missiles playing large role in Syria

Daniel Katz: Meanwhile, Russia is also arming Iran w/S-300s

Iran hints at prisoner exchange after Rezaian convicted

Both the Taliban and ISIS on the march in Afghanistan

Trofimov: America’s fading footprint in the Middle East

US patrols to test China’s pledge on S. China Sea islands


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Evan Moore | October 9, 2015

The events of last week will likely be regarded as a watershed event for the Obama administration and America's standing in the world. President Vladimir Putin's intervention in Syria to support the regime of President Bashar Assad is Russia's first combat mission beyond its immediate periphery since the end of the Cold War, and makes any further action by the United States to support the moderate Syrian opposition difficult to implement.

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James Kirchick | October 4, 2015

Germany’s unlocking its doors to refugees reveals a striking set of parallels with another fateful moment in the history of opened borders: the fall of the Berlin Wall. In both cases, the collapse of a national boundary was the unintended consequence of bureaucratic confusion, spurred by the hasty conduct of a midlevel official.

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Mark Moyar | October 4, 2015

Vladimir Putin’s Syrian gambit has demonstrated once again the Russian president’s knack for outfoxing President Obama.

Again and again, Russia threatens and the president folds. The administration even reacted to news of the Russian deployment in Syria with another concession — ending an 18-month suspension of military-to-military relations with Russia, which dated back to Russia’s initial aggression against Ukraine.


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