Challenges Loom as Obama Visits Asia

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FPI's Griffin and Christy examine U.S. Foreign Assistance

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"End of the Beginning” in War on Terror

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Overnight Brief

April 22, 2014

Biden urges Ukrainian lawmakers to fight “cancer of corruption”

Washington Post + David Kramer on Obama’s Ukraine policy

Rogin: Germany helped prep Russia for war

Obama’s strategic shift to Asia hobbled by crises

Abe’s military push may please US, but rattle neighbors (WSJ sub)

FPI’s Zarate + Christy, WSJ (sub), Steinberg + O’Hanlon, Campbell + Ratner on Asia

US force in Afghanistan may be cut to less than 10k troops

Syrian election announced, US sees indications toxic chemical used

US drones, Yemeni forces kill al Qaeda-linked fighters

Shadi Hamid: The Islamist identity crisis


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James Kirchick | April 18, 2014

In the struggle over Ukraine, it's not just territory that's at stake, but the allegiance of the country's Jews.

Earlier this week, Jewish residents in the contested eastern city of Donetsk reported that they had been handed fliers ordering them to "register" with local pro-Russian separatists, pay a fee of "50 American dollars," and hand over proof of any property they owned. Immediately, the story went viral.

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Caitlin Poling | April 17, 2014

As Algerians head to the polls for nationwide elections today, the country’s three-term president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, is widely expected to win re-election. Under Bouteflika’s rule, Algeria has emerged as an important partner to the United States in the fight against al-Qaida affiliates in North Africa. However, analysts worry that if Bouteflika fails to pursue substantive economic and political reforms, then his fourth term could yield conditions in Algeria similar to those that sparked “Arab Spring” uprisings in neighboring countries three years ago.

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James Kirchick | April 17, 2014

“There is a new Berlin Wall going through this country, and I hope it’s closer to Moscow.” The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry official who told me this in Kyiv last month was mourning the loss of the Crimean peninsula to Russia, which had invaded and annexed the territory just over a week earlier. But the Russians weren’t finished.


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