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FPI's Tzvi Kahn discusses the implications of Russian ties with Iran and Syria.

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FPI Board Member Robert Kagan on what the election of Donald Trump portends for America's global leadership

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FPI's Eric Edelman and David Kramer explain what Trump's victory means for US-European unity against Russia

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Overnight Brief

December 5, 2016

US Syria policy at a crossroads, Syrian rebels mull alternatives

Egypt, Turkey soften positions on Syria to Assad’s benefit

Green Berets in ISIS fight frustrated by micromanagement

Trump admin may release hidden agreements for Iran deal

Exxon CEO, Rohrabacher and Bolton now contenders for State

FPI’s Mark Moyar, Peter Feaver + Kori Schake on the Mattis pick

Michael Green and Rupert Chambers on US Taiwan policy

Poll: Half of Americans say torture can be useful

Abrams, Sadot: Trump and the art of an Israel-Palestine peace deal

Hong Kong seeks to remove four more lawmakers from office


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Mark Moyar | December 2, 2016

If one is to believe the more excitable oracles of cable television and the blogosphere, Donald Trump’s selection of retired generals for high offices foretells a wholesale militarization of American society and government. Soon, the country will look like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, with American elementary schools teaching infantry tactics and U.S. generals plotting invasions of weaker countries.

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Ellen Bork | November 22, 2016

Since 1992, even before the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to Chinese rule, U.S. policy has been based on the premise that Beijing's Communist leaders value Hong Kong's autonomy. The theory was that Beijing would not want to damage Hong Kong and so could be relied upon not to undermine Hong Kong's freedoms.

Tzvi Kahn | November 15, 2016

Iran has violated the nuclear deal again. Last Wednesday, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced that Tehran had exceeded its allotment of heavy water, which it can utilize to produce fissile material for a plutonium bomb. Predictably, the Obama administration, eager to protect its increasingly brittle foreign policy legacy, has refused to call the Islamist regime’s action a violation of the Joint...


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