FPI Board Member William Kristol examines President Obama's foreign policy legacy

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FPI Board Member Eric Edelman examines Erdogan's campaign to undermine democracy in Turkey.

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FPI Board Member Robert Kagan says it'll take more than a missile strike to clean up Obama's mess in Syria

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FPI's Christopher Griffin examines the situation in Syria following recent U.S. airstrikes

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Overnight Brief

April 21, 2017

FPI’s William Kristol: Trump and Obama’s foreign policy legacy

FPI’s Eric Edelman and Sohrab Ahmari on Turkey’s future

Lee Smith on the administration’s deliberations on Iran

Mattis tells Hill Trump’s budget won’t fully rebuild military

Mackenzie Eaglen, Gary Schmitt: A military in need

Hackers are China’s secret weapon in THAAD deployment to S. Korea

Syrian conflict has been a “goldmine” for North Korea

Charles Krauthammer: We do have cards to play in N. Korea

Justice debates charges against Wikileaks, CIA insider likely leaked


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James Kirchick | April 13, 2017

Greece’s government debt crisis has always been about two mutually exclusive propositions.

First is the Greek people’s attachment, much of it sentimental, to eurozone membership, regardless of its economic sense.

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James Kirchick | April 6, 2017

If this were any other year, the upcoming federal election in Germany would be like every other German election: humdrum and focused almost exclusively on domestic issues. Despite their country’s size and economic power, Germans resist seeing their nation — or their chancellor — as a potential world leader.

David Adesnik | April 4, 2017

Less than four weeks remain before funding for the federal government expires. A shutdown would be a catastrophe for our military, but even if funds are extended at prior-year levels on a continuing resolution (CR), the damage will be grave. Military leaders have warned that planes will be grounded and troops will stop training under a CR. This would be a major setback for President Trump, who pledged to rebuild the Armed Forces after deep cuts under his predecessor.


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